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If you have struggled with obesity for any length of time, then it probably seems like you’ve heard it all before: all the weight loss tips, all of the strategies, all of the health concerns. Well, there is one diet strategy making headlines recently that you may have not heard before—the Mexican Food diet. Yep, you read that right! So-called dietary experts are making major headlines by saying that for the healthiest diet, the best thing you can do is to forego your traditional meals and to opt into the spirit of the fiesta! [Read more]



Ready, Set, Exercise!

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People are naturally resistant to change. It is one of the human characteristics that most of us have in common. While sometimes change feels good, for the most part change is a bit scary. We don’t know what to expect, and that makes us feel uncomfortable. It is much easier to just stick with the status-quo, even if the status-quo isn’t great, than it is to embrace the unknown and try something totally new. [Read more]

Does it ever feel like your sweet tooth becomes more difficult to manage when it is hot outside? For so many, the hotter it gets, the more intense the cravings become. You can blame this on the many summertime sweets that so many of us enjoyed as kids. From popsicles to lemon-ice, the hot weather almost feels easier to manage when you have something cold and sweet to munch on. [Read more]

There are lots of different strategies that you will learn during your weight loss program, all of which are aimed at helping make eating healthy feel second nature to you. One of the important pieces of advice that you’ll receive early on in your weight loss program is to stop eating out so often. In America, the average person eats out four or five times per week. This includes breakfast, lunch and dinner, at either sit-down restaurants or a fast-food drive-thru. [Read more]

Salad: the one word encapsulates so much of what it means to eat healthy. For some, the idea of a salad is the most enticing thing you can think of. For others, salad represents all that is wrong with trying to lose weight. But in either situation, it is fair to say that eating a salad means you are eating healthy, right? Not necessarily! [Read more]



Water has zero calories. It has no sugar, no fat, no carbohydrates. It is just water. This is why water is a great resource when you are trying to lose weight. Your body needs water to survive, and while you can get by getting your fluids out of juices and sodas, those are going to add calories to your day. Water isn’t. [Read more]

How many times have you thought to yourself it is time to eat healthy? Eating healthy sounds great, but what does it really mean? Simply telling yourself, or someone else for that matter, to eat healthy doesn’t help them achieve healthiness in any way, shape or form. That is because “healthy” eating has several forms. [Read more]

Sugar has been demonized in the weight loss industry for years. The rise of obesity in America has largely been credited to the rise of the fast-food empire and the accompanying sweets and soda industry, which started doubling if not tripling average calorie intake of meals on a nearly daily basis. There is research out there supporting the idea that sugar causes cancer, that sugar is addictive, and that sugar is responsible for health problems A to Z. [Read more]