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Listen Often, Eat Well

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It is easy to make healthy eating goals when you are sitting with a full stomach. However, hunger seems to have its way of dismantling those goals. This is why eating healthily can’t be left to meal time alone. To really make healthy changes to your diet, the type that you are encouraged to make when you start a medical weight loss program, you have to start putting thought into your dietary goals well before hunger strikes. [Read more]



The Diet Dilemma

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Standard diets don’t work. Anyone who has been around the block once or twice with their bathroom scale knows that the average diet doesn’t deliver long lasting results. Fad diets are especially notorious for bringing on nothing but disappointment. The majority of the time, these specially designed diets take advantage of severe calorie cuts and the elimination of entire food groups to help you lose a quick couple of pounds before the weight loss stables off entirely, and more often than not the weight comes right back—often with a few extra pounds on top of it. [Read more]



Before you reach for your morning cup of coffee, take a few minutes to get your day off to a great energized start. Setting aside just ten minutes of the morning for exercise will change your day for the better and keep you on track towards meeting your weight loss goals. This simple and straightforward exercise series is appropriate for beginners as well as advanced exercisers, and doesn’t require any special equipment. So, as you are trying to lose weight with the help of your weight loss center in Chandler, consider this simple ten minute morning workout routine to supplement your efforts! [Read more]

Between constant advertisements for weight loss miracles and magazine models that are airbrushed to look even thinner than they already are, it is easy for people to become disillusioned with their body. The desire to compare your body to the airbrushed images that the media upholds can discourage men and women of all ages [Read more]

Although most us know that in order to lose weight there needs to be more energy expended than consumed, it is still tempting to look for that next quick fix or trendy diet that promises unbelievable results. At first glance, the popular toning shoes look like a promising way to tone up your body without any additional exercise. However, as with many items along this vein, they seem too good to be true. Here is a summary of what the shoes claim to do as well as what they really do to promote muscle growth and weight loss. [Read more]