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Enhance Your Weight Loss Efforts: 4 Steps to a Positive Body Image

Posted: Sep 12 in Lifestyle by

At times, and of no fault of your own, the brain can create a skewed reading of what it perceives in the mirror. If this is true, and you can create negative views of what you observe in your mind’s eye, then you can also train your thoughts to create positive images. [Read more]

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6 Mood-Lifting Moves That Will Help You Lose Weight

Posted: Sep 07 in Getting Active by

Losing weight is hard enough to do when life is good, but when you’re feeling stressed or blue, shedding unwanted pounds can be downright impossible. [Read more]

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Lose Weight for Good by Overcoming Psychological Barriers

Posted: Sep 01 in Lifestyle by

Losing weight is often a challenging endeavor and many people yo-yo diet for years before they manage to keep the weight off. The basic principles of weight loss, eating measured portions of healthy food and increasing physical activity, are not difficult in theory. [Read more]

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Gymtimidation: Do You Fear That You Will Be Judged When You Go to the Gym?

Posted: Aug 29 in Getting Active by

For many people, skipping going to the gym isn’t as much about a lack of motivation as it is about the presence of fear. [Read more]

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Fun and Easy Cardio Workouts for Quick Weight Loss

Posted: Aug 22 in Getting Active by

If you are tired of the extra weight you’ve been carrying around, it may be time to try a cardio workout to drop those pounds and reach your goal. While it’s true that most people don’t like to exercise, following a plan that includes cardio workouts and healthy eating is proven to be the most effective way to lose weight. [Read more]

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Tips to Help You Buy the Right Bathroom Scale for a Weight-Loss Plan

Posted: Aug 15 in Lifestyle by

If you’re in the market for a new bathroom scale, the choices available to you could make it hard for you to make up your mind, especially if you plan to have the scale that you buy help you with a weight-loss plan. [Read more]

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Is Swimming a Good Workout?

Posted: Aug 10 in Getting Active by

A sparkling pool is a beautiful temptation that reminds most people of childhood fun and summer freedom. But is swimming a good workout? The answer depends on who you are, and on your fitness goals. [Read more]

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What Is the Keto Diet?

Posted: Aug 06 in Healthy Eating by

Advocates of the keto diet claim that it offers a variety of health benefits, including improved metabolism, more energy, rapid weight loss, superior concentration, better bone density, anti-inflammatory properties, lower stress levels, and even an improved ability to build lean muscle mass. [Read more]

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