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4 Things to Try If Running Isn’t Helping You Lose Weight

Posted: Oct 29 in Getting Active, Healthy Eating, Lifestyle by

It’s a common scenario: You start running because you hope to lose weight. When you get on the scale, however, you see that you are actually gaining weight. [Read more]

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Working Out at Home: Better than the Gym

Posted: Oct 26 in Getting Active by

So you want to be healthier, lose some weight, get in shape. Before you rush out and buy a gym membership, you should consider the benefits of working out at home. [Read more]

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Set Goals for Weight Loss and You Will Lose Weight Faster

Posted: Oct 22 in Lifestyle by

As with most things in life, it helps to set goals and track your progress. That way, you’ll know where you’re going and when you’ve achieved your goal. [Read more]

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How to Stay on Top of Your Weight Loss

Posted: Oct 15 in Getting Active, Lifestyle by

If you ever wanted to lose weight, logging your calories and workouts is important. While there are many tracking apps available, you still have to do most of the work. [Read more]

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Can A Personal Trainer Help Me Reach My Goals?

Posted: Oct 08 in Getting Active by

Most personal trainers offer their clients the same general services, but they are all different in important ways. Sometimes, they might offer different add-on services, or their advice might differ. [Read more]

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Alcohol and Weight Loss: Eleven Facts You Should Know

Posted: Oct 05 in Food Gauge, Lifestyle by

When people think about weight loss, what probably come to mind are exercise and eating nutritious, low-fat foods. Though exercise and diet play a massive part in determining whether or not you’ll lose weight, other factors are important as well. [Read more]

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8 Questions to Consider Before You Bail on Your Diet

Posted: Oct 01 in Food Gauge, Healthy Eating, Lifestyle by

You don’t want to eat calorific foods and spoil your hard work when you’re on a diet. Nonetheless, it’s probably happened before, so you know there’s a good chance it could do so again. [Read more]

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The Difference between a Diet Plan and an Eating Plan

Posted: Sep 30 in Healthy Eating by

When you look for ways to lose a few pounds, you will probably see terms like ‘diet plan,’ ‘eating plan,’ ‘weight loss plan’ and ‘meal plan.’ Some of these terms mean the same thing, while others do not. Here are the similarities and differences between common weight loss terms. [Read more]

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