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It was one of your favorite things to do as a kid—to get on your bike and go soaring down the street with your friends. Perhaps as you have grown older the sensation has lost its thrill, especially as more convenient methods of travel take priority in getting to work and helping you run errands. But cycling is still a great pastime, and more than that, it is a wonderful form of exercise that can help you get in shape and burn a lot of calories. [Read more]



To Lose Weight, Calm Down

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Stress doesn’t do any good for the body. It gets your heart ramped up, your head spinning, and as it turns out will even interfere with your weight loss goals.

That’s right. Chronic stress can prevent you from losing weight. So the next time you are so caught up with thinking about the many things in life that stress you out, take a deep breath and consider how your stress level may be interfering with your medical weight loss plans. [Read more]

What if a smile was exactly what the doctor ordered? Recently, a team of researchers conducted a comprehensive review of scientific findings over the past several decades and concluded that happiness has a direct positive impact on overall health. This means that the notion of putting on a smile and faking it until you make it actually holds some merit. If you want to start improving your health, the best place to start is with your mindset. [Read more]



In many ways, obesity weighs as heavily on the mind as it does on the body. Living with excess weight increases your risk for developing anxiety, depression, and other mental health concerns. It also makes you more vulnerable to developing issues of cognitive impairment like Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. [Read more]

There are virtually thousands of different weight loss products and programs on the market today. Companies bring in billions of dollars every year, not necessarily helping people actually lose weight, but instead getting people to buy into the promise of losing weight. The unfortunate reality is that the majority of people are not successful with these unproven weight loss products. [Read more]

In what ways does your past influence your present eating habits? Your history is unique to you. The foods you remember eating as a child, the habits your family reinforced surrounding dinner or dessert—even your inclination to eat (nor not eat) your vegetables can in many ways be traced back to the habits regarding healthy eating that you were presented with as a child. Those family habits become ingrained, and they die hard. [Read more]



You know that dining out isn’t the healthiest option, and when you are trying to lose weight the best thing you can do is avoid restaurants as much as possible. But for many people, a successful weight loss program will take the better part of a year—and even after you have reached your weight loss goal, long-term management requires ongoing adherence to the healthy eating strategies that you developed during your weight loss program. This means that attempting to avoid restaurants altogether while you are redefining about your health and eating habits is rarely practical as a long-term strategy. [Read more]



The Fast Food Fight

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Fast food companies in the United States have it good. Just look at the average drive-thru line at any mealtime. Breakfast, lunch and dinner, there is a line around the store. People will wait in the drive-thru for 20 minutes, all in the name of getting a meal cheap, quick and easy. But there is irony to this! For the average family of four, a fast food trip is going to cost you between $30 and $40 dollars. [Read more]