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Weight loss classes can play an important role in successful weight loss by helping clients redefine who they are, so they can become their happiest, healthiest self. The team at Scottsdale Weight Loss Center is proud to offer weight loss treatment classes in Phoenix and Scottsdale, so our clients learn the tools and information they need to make lasting change.

Our Keep it Off U Class Series is designed to educate participants about the attitudes and behaviors that often prevent weight loss. This series also covers strategies and tips for overcoming a wide range of challenges. Information on these essential classes is provided below:

Train Your Brain to Think Thinner

Your mentality can be a hindrance to losing weight unless you have the tools to recognize and overcome common thinking errors. This class aims to provide the information and insight that people need to get past destructive thought patterns and achieve lasting weight loss results.


Defeat Food Addiction

Overcoming food addiction starts with understanding the mechanisms beneath the addictive behavior. In this class, you will learn to identify what triggers your compulsion to eat. You will also learn how to break out of the cycle of addictive eating and how to have compassion for yourself throughout the process of defeating food addiction.


Assert Yourself: Say No with Confidence

This important class deals with weight loss challenges related to social pressure. Social events and family gatherings can test our resolve to stick to our weight loss plans. This class provides strategies and tips for managing social pressure, as well as lessons in setting personal boundaries and confidently asserting yourself.


Mastering Motivation

Sometimes, we know what we need to do, but we lack the motivation to do it. This class helps you remove the obstacles that stop you from putting your knowledge into action. You’ll also learn ways to cope with low motivation and will create meaningful plans for staying on track to achieve your goals.


Stress Less, Eat Less

Equipping yourself with tools to relieve stress and enhance your resilience to stress is crucial for successful weight loss. With our Stress Less, Eat Less class, you’ll gain an understanding of the concept of “stress eating” and equip yourself to prevent it by developing stress management skills.


Happiness Skills for a Healthier U

Unhappiness can lead to unhealthy and unnecessary eating. This class focuses on cultivating a fulfilling, joyful life and helps you get clear about making yourself and your weight loss method a priority.


Conquer Emotional Eating

If you frequently celebrate with food or eat when bored or upset, this is the class to put an end to these self-sabotaging behaviors. Learning alternative ways to deal with emotions and overwhelming situations will empower you to choose actions that align with your weight loss goals.


Boost Your Self-Control With Mindful Eating

Mindful eating is a key ally in successful weight loss and maintaining a healthy weight. This class covers the top three techniques for integrating this practice into your life and improving your self-control, so you don’t have to rely on willpower alone to manage cravings.


Building Self-Esteem and Body Confidence

Your thoughts about yourself can help or hurt your weight loss efforts, depending on how positive or negative they are. In this class, you’ll work on improving your self-image and replacing negative self-talk with positive thoughts about yourself and your body.


Build the Diet That Works Best for You!

This class is about informed eating for weight loss. We’ll help you understand the lean and green approach and why it is effective. You’ll also learn about food labels, so you know what you’re eating and how it will impact your weight loss goals. This class also involves creating a personalized plan for your snacks and meals.


Cooking for Success: Lean and Green

Once you know what to eat and why, it’s important to learn ways to prepare those foods, so your diet is appealing to you and works for your lifestyle. Various cooking techniques will be explained, and you’ll create your own weekly meal plan in this class.


Successful Planning for Social Eating and Travel

This class prepares you for social situations and travel, so you can eat lean and green no matter where you are. You will learn how to find healthy options on restaurant menus and make healthy choices on the fly.


The Secret to Keeping it Off: What’s My Plan?

Once you’ve reached your weight loss goals, you need a plan to support lifelong weight management. Long-term meal planning, full and partial meal replacement guidance, exercise guidelines, and creating SMART goals will be covered in this class to set you up for success.


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Classes Taught by Experienced Weight Loss Professionals

Our instructors are specialized experts who are passionate about helping you achieve your weight loss goals.

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Here I am at the lowest I have been since high school weighing in at 155lbs. I have lost 61.5lbs, 48.5lb of body fat gone, BMI of 39 when I started, to 27.9, and of course at body fat % of 47.1 to 34.6%. I told myself …

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Here I am at the lowest I have been since high school weighing in at 155lbs. I have lost 61.5lbs, 48.5lb of body fat gone, BMI of 39 when I started, to 27.9, and of course at body fat % of 47.1 to 34.6%. I told myself by my 30th birthday I wanted to be confident in the way I look and I owe it all to SWLC. The entire staff is so welcoming and they are rooting for you just as much as you are rooting for yourself. The Medical Assistants are top notch and I can confidently say I have developed so many personal relationships with them. Thank you SWLC for giving me a second chance at life and instilling this new level of confidence in myself.