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Scottsdale Weight Loss Center is a medical weight management clinic dedicated to helping you achieve long-term weight loss success.

Our physician-supervised weight loss programs include personalized diets, lifestyle coaching, and ongoing support with in-person or video consultations. It’s a highly successful program to promote life-long weight management.

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Each patient has unique needs and lifestyle challenges that need to be considered when designing an effective weight loss program. The Scottsdale Weight Loss Center helps you choose the weight loss program that’s right for you.

Our medical weight loss physicians will help you customize a weight loss program that meets your lifestyle. We’ll focus on a plan that will help you make long-term changes for successful weight management.

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Customized weight loss program that meets your lifestyle and your goals.

Choose from: Full meal replacement, partial meal replacement, traditional foods and appetite supressing medications.

Chasing Diets

We Wrote the Book on Weight Loss Success

There are thousands of diets and tens of thousands of diet books; each month a new diet book comes out with new promise and new hope. They all fail sooner or later, leaving the dieter ever more hopeless and more discouraged. Studies of self-help diets usually show no greater than ten pounds of weight loss after one year.

In truth, self-help dieting is a no-win venture. Self-help and “next best diet” approaches ignore the fact that obesity is a medical disease that, in most people, requires medical treatment.

Doctors Craig Primack MD and Robert Ziltzer MD discuss the shortcomings of self-help diets, and more importantly show dieters how to find a weight loss program that works -- for life!

The four-pronged comprehensive weight loss program explained in Chasing Diets is designed to use all the tools available today: medical management of proper nutrition, activity and sleep, and education. Used together, these tools can empower people who struggle with obesity to stop the search and arrive at a solution for losing and maintaining goal weight.