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Calling Scottsdale Weight Loss Center for the first time is easier than you may think.


Martha's Journey


Danny & Margaret's Story

Too often, making that first call, setting up that first appointment holds people back. Why let it hold you back? If you’ve been struggling to pick up the phone, please wait no longer. Let us answer your questions, share our experience. Help you decide the right next step.
You’ll wonder why you waited so long!

  • Doctor supervised
  • Support & guidance you need
  • Weight loss medication options
  • Affordable
  • Flexible scheduling
  • No contracts

Weight loss programs that drive results

Only personalized weight loss programs prescribed just for you can achieve lasting results. With so
many one-size-fits-all options available that don’t work or don’t last, it’s easy to get discouraged.
You’ve probably already tried some of them.Well all that’s over. We’re glad you’re here.

Personalized Programs

When you let Scottsdale Weight Loss know your goals, your dreams, and we discover your current state of health, we will put together a weight loss plan—a wellness plan—that is yours and yours alone. Ready to discover your personalized plan?

Medically Based

This isn’t just a medically supervised program. This is a true medical program. Even though you’ll meet with your doctor regularly you won’t feel like you’re at a doctor’s office. Ready to see for yourself?

Your Lifestyle Matters

Success can only happen if your weight loss program fits with your life. That’s why you’ll decide between full meal replacement, partial meal replacement or lean and green program, options. Then we guide you through those occasions like holidays, vacations, etc. when staying on track can be difficult.

Medications to Help

Weight loss medications are safe and effective tools we can use. We may recommend one depending on your needs. The choice is completely yours.

Education and More

You’ll learn how to lose weight, maintain your success and handle those inevitable bumps in the road. You’ll learn how to be healthy! Your weekly appointments are far more than medical check-ups. Think of them as check-ins. Our patients share how they are doing in mind, body and spirit. That’s perfect! That’s what success takes.

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