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It was one of your favorite things to do as a kid—to get on your bike and go soaring down the street with your friends. Perhaps as you have grown older the sensation has lost its thrill, especially as more convenient methods of travel take priority in getting to work and helping you run errands. But cycling is still a great pastime, and more than that, it is a wonderful form of exercise that can help you get in shape and burn a lot of calories. [Read more]



Not all exercise happens at the gym. There are plenty of ways that you can increase how many calories you are burning by simply becoming more active in the daily tasks that you are already engaged in. After weight loss surgery, finding ways to be more active without looking for formal workouts can help you reach your daily activity goals. [Read more]

Forget running out of time—it is time to go running to gain time. Research published out of the Cooper Institute in Dallas, Texas found that running for just one hour improved your life expectancy by 7 hours. This pretty much puts an end to the idea that you don’t have time for exercise. If you want to gain time and to live longer, than exercise—more precisely running—is exactly what you have time to do. [Read more]

Making time for activity isn’t always easy to do. This is especially true for people with multiple responsibilities, such as a full-time job and a family to take care of once you get home. Sure, the weekends come with a lot of potential, but once you breakdown your to-do list and have a look at the number of hours available to you to get it all done, they start to break down as well. [Read more]



Smartphones have become an additional appendage for a large majority of Americans. Leaving the house, many would rather forget their wallet at home than be caught for a few hours without their phone in hand. Most of this seeming-addiction comes from the constant connectivity that our phones offer us, leaving us connected to family, friends and even to our work around the clock, 365 days in a year. [Read more]



Exercise is one of the most debated elements of any weight loss program. The reason for the debate is actually pretty simple: exercise isn’t easy. We are naturally drawn towards things that make our lives easier, and so when it comes to working out, we want to take the option that requires the least amount of effort. The problem is that if there isn’t effort, there won’t be results. [Read more]