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Is Obesity Curable? And What does it have to do with Oprah Winfrey


As a doctor who helps people manage their weight and deal with obesity, I often hear questions like “Can obesity be cured?” and “How long do I have to keep up with the treatment?” To answer these questions, we first need to understand what obesity really is. Obesity is not just about having too much body fat. It is a complicated disease that involves many different factors, and big health organizations like the American Medical Association recognize it as such. It is a long-term disease, much like diabetes or high blood pressure, where a person has too much body fat, usually 20% or more than what is considered healthy. When we say obesity is not “curable,” it might sound scary, but it does not mean that it cannot be managed or that you cannot lose weight. It just means that there is not a one-time fix that makes the disease go away forever. This is because obesity is a long-term disease, and it tends to stick around, just like diabetes or high blood pressure. Even after you lose weight, your body has ways of making you gain it back, like making you feel hungrier, not feeling full after eating, or slowing down how fast you burn calories. These are all natural reactions your body has to losing weight, which makes keeping the weight off tough. So, treatment needs to keep going, just like it does for high cholesterol, diabetes, and many kinds of cancer. But just because obesity cannot be cured does not mean it cannot be treated. The goal is not to reach a “perfect” weight, but to lower the health risks that come with obesity. This can include changing your diet, becoming more active, and taking medications. Oprah Winfrey announced that she has used new GLP-1 weight loss medications that has finally made losing and keeping off her excess weigh achievable. She has spent many years dieting but keeping it off has been very difficult. Oprah’s heroic announcement that medications were a part of her solution gives hope to those who suffer with obesity. By finally recognizing that obesity is a medical disease, she was able to accept that prescription drugs were a necessary part of the solution. Changing your lifestyle, like eating healthier and exercising regularly, is usually the first step in treating obesity. But everyone’s body is different, so what works for one person might not work for another. Sometimes, when these changes are not enough or when obesity is causing other severe health problems, medications or surgery might be needed. These can help a lot with weight loss and improving your health, but they also come with risks and possible side effects. In conclusion, while we cannot completely cure obesity, we can treat it comprehensively, getting your weight down and your body healthier . Successful treatment greatly improves your life and lowers your risk for other health problems. As your weight loss doctor, my job is to help and support you on your weight loss journey, offering a treatment plan that works for you and can be maintained in the long run.

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