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What if a smile was exactly what the doctor ordered? Recently, a team of researchers conducted a comprehensive review of scientific findings over the past several decades and concluded that happiness has a direct positive impact on overall health. This means that the notion of putting on a smile and faking it until you make it actually holds some merit. If you want to start improving your health, the best place to start is with your mindset. [Read more]



Being successful in a medical weight loss program requires more than abiding by the rules of a diet and exercise program. A medical weight loss program introduces you to healthy habits that have to become part of your life. Making a total lifestyle change to embrace a healthier lifestyle is the only way to be truly successful and to achieve long-term weight loss. [Read more]



What does it mean to eat healthy? Most people agree that eating healthy means a plate full of vegetables and lean protein. It means avoiding high calorie foods that are full of sugar and fats, and sticking with nutrient dense foods that are going to support your weight loss goals. During your medical weight loss plan you will have plenty of guidance on this very subject. [Read more]