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If you are tired of the extra weight you’ve been carrying around, it may be time to try a cardio workout to drop those pounds and reach your goal. While it’s true that most people don’t like to exercise, following a plan that includes cardio workouts and healthy eating is proven to be the most effective way to lose weight. [Read more]

Everyone knows someone, perhaps it’s a neighbor, an acquaintance, or even a close friend, who finds time to exercise every day. Every morning as you are rushing out the door to get to work, coffee in hand, you’ll see them wrapping up their morning run. Or when you get home from the office, tired and ready to lounge your evening away, there they are getting dressed for their next shift, this time at the gym. [Read more]

When you are out to learn a new skill, it always helps to take a long look at how the professionals do it. We do this in our careers, taking on mentors who guide us through the ins and outs of how to handle complex situations. We learn by paying attention to how someone with more experience is able to complete a task or solve a problem. It is no different when it comes to developing a healthier lifestyle. Watching professional athletes do what they do best can be a really inspiring experience. [Read more]

Your medical weight loss doctor can guide you through a lot of the ups and downs of a weight loss program. As you focus on losing weight in Scottsdale, meeting regularly with your weight loss doctor can mean regular weigh ins for accountability, ongoing dietary and nutritional guidance, and medical support in any other way that is necessary for you to lose weight. [Read more]

If your weight loss efforts have hit a wall, why not climb it? Rock climbing is becoming an increasingly popular activity, and for good reason: rock climbing is a challenge for both the body and the mind, an invigorating workout that can boost your metabolism, strengthen your muscles and, of course, be a lot of fun. [Read more]



There is no doubt that cycling is a very easy — and a very enjoyable — way to get your exercise in. In the Scottsdale, Phoenix, and Chandler areas, there is plenty of beautiful year-round weather that allows for especially great cycling conditions. Anyone who is enrolled in a medical weight loss program can really take advantage of this by getting out on one of these great local biking trails for extra fast weight loss. [Read more]