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It used to surprise me when patients on low calorie but not very low carbohydrate diets told me they had more energy quickly after starting the diet plan.  Granted they are not just dieting but also more sleep and a good exercise regimen.  When put all together, diet, exercise and sleep usually energize most people.

When thinking about large and heavy meals, I visualize the overeater as a snake having a large meal.   When the snake has his monthly meal he sits there with his belly full, crawls under a rock and digests for the next few weeks.  When it is time to go searching again for food, the snake gets quite active, finds and eats another big meal and then again just sits there and digests for a few weeks.  When eating a large and or heavy meal, I think we are much the same.  Lots of food, carbohydrates, dessert  and then we just feel like sitting on the couch after dinner watching the TV. until we have partially digested then get up, grab a another high carbohydrate dessert and then sit again till it is time to go to bed.

The last patient I just saw this afternoon described a similar experience.  He used to go frequently out to dinner, have a large meal, bread, dessert and a glass or 2 of wine and then go out to a movie, frequently falling asleep several times during it.  After being on his diet incorporating a few meal replacements into his food regimen, he noticed after just one week that he has more energy and hasn’t dozed off after dinner recently.  I asked him to remember this moment.  This concept or thought that eating less can make us feel better.  Eating better can give us more energy.  Eating better can give us more stamina.  “It may have helped his tennis game” but as he said that, laughed, and continued “that it has done nothing for his golf game”.

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