Scottsdale Weightloss Center

The OPTIFAST® Diet Program

A Proven Weight Loss Formula

At Scottsdale Weight Loss Center, we use a proven weight loss formula that addresses not just diet and exercise, but the genetic, social, emotional, and environmental factors that contribute to obesity. The OPTIFAST Diet Program can help you lose weight and keep it off because it goes beyond requiring you to eat less and exercise more.

What is The OPTIFAST Diet Program?

The OPTIFAST Diet Program is a weight loss formula that is built around partial and full-meal replacement products. But this proven weight loss system is more than nutritional formulas and bars. On the OPTIFAST Diet Program, you’ll also work with:

These experts will be able to offer nutritional and behavioral counseling and medications as necessary to help you meet your goals.

What makes The OPTIFAST Diet Program different?

  • Proven weight loss: OPTIFAST was the first program of it’s kind, and has been producing verifiable results in over one million people since 1974. An average weight loss of 52 pounds in over 20,000 patients using this weight loss formula has been documented in medical journals (Average BMI 39)*.
  • Ongoing support: The OPTIFAST diet program provides support options during and after weight loss success. Studies have shown that this constant support makes patients more likely to achieve and maintain their weight loss goals.
  • Keep the weight off: This weight formula won’t just help you lose weight. The OPTIFAST diet program is designed to help you keep the weight off, and studies prove that a majority of patients maintain weight loss for five or more years*.

The OPTIFAST diet program is a comprehensive, proven weight loss solution. Rather than a quick fix with short-term results, this weight loss formula provides all of the tools you need to make a lasting life change.

*Wadden TA, et al. A multicenter evaluation of a proprietary weight loss program for the treatment of marked obesity: A five year follow-up. Int J Eat Disord. 1997; 22:203-212.

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