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The Diet Dilemma


Standard diets don’t work. Anyone who has been around the block once or twice with their bathroom scale knows that the average diet doesn’t deliver long lasting results. Fad diets are especially notorious for bringing on nothing but disappointment. The majority of the time, these specially designed diets take advantage of severe calorie cuts and the elimination of entire food groups to help you lose a quick couple of pounds before the weight loss stables off entirely, and more often than not the weight comes right back—often with a few extra pounds on top of it.

Diets, in their traditional sense, really don’t work. This isn’t just a judgement statement, or even a reflection on the millions of anecdotal diet failures that you can easily find testimony to online. The standard idea of a diet doesn’t work, and this is according to the results of a study by a team of neuroscientists who looked at the way that the brain responds to dieting.

The problem, according to a recent study, is that the average diet forces you to think of food in a constantly negative way. When following a typical diet plan, every time hunger strikes you are forced to think immediately of what you cannot have, and are left with a severely limited diet plan that can leave you feeling bored and depressed with your food options. Constant feelings of deprivation isn’t going to help you maintain a positive attitude about your weight loss goals.

Instead, the healthier—and more successful option, by far—is to quit dieting altogether and to instead make fundamental changes in the way that you look at food and exercise. Transitioning to a healthier lifestyle, one that focuses on the positive changes that you can make in your life, is a much more successful way to lose weight.

This is the approach that medical weight loss programs take, which is why working with a medical weight loss program is such a better idea than trying a traditional diet plan on your own. Medical weight loss programs provide ongoing support from weight loss specialists, like your medical weight loss doctor, which means access to weight loss tools that work better than diet and exercise alone. A quality weight loss program doesn’t buy into fads or elimination diets, but instead focuses on the ways that you can improve your diet with healthier eating choices.

Diets don’t work. This is a reality that it is time to face. If you want to lose weight, better options are out there for you. Talk to your medical weight loss doctor to learn more about what options are available for you.

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