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Swimming as Exercise


Swimming is a great form of exercise for someone looking to burn massive amounts of calories with minimal impact. When you want to seriously lose weight and increase your energy, but have been lax about exercising in the past and are worried about taking on an exercise that puts too much strain on your knees, back and ankles, look to swimming as your exercise of choice.

The first positive benefit of swimming is its calorie blasting abilities. Just 30 minutes of moderate swimming burns twice as many calories as 30 minutes of walking at 2 miles per hour. This offers a great maximization of the power of your work out without increasing the time you have to spend on it.

The next consideration is the impact of swimming on your joints. Swimming makes you buoyant and offers some relief to your joints from the normal wear and tear caused by other exercise. Keep in mind that any repetitive movement can cause some stress, so be sure to allow your body to rest a day between workouts.

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