Spike in Obesity


Dr. Craig Primack weighs in on the recent article written by Cronkite News out of Washington, regarding the spike in obesity that could end up costing billions in added healthcare costs.

View the article here.

Craig Primack, a specialist in obesity medicine at Scottsdale Weight Loss Center, said it’s hard to project out 20 years into the future, but he believes the number in the trust report is on the right track. As a society, he said, we are not done gaining weight.

“It may not reach 58.8 percent, but it will get higher than it is now,” Primack said. “It’s only going to get worse, and we will keep spending more of our money on healthcare.”

He spoke about managing weight gain early, likening the problem to car care: If you wait until it breaks down completely before fixing it, it becomes extremely costly.

“The tools are not cheap but if we don’t spend money on them now, the more expensive it will get in the future,” Primack said.

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