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When teenagers pour out of Scottsdale high schools in the afternoons, they’re usually ready to eat. Sugary, high fat snacks like cookies, candy, chips and ice cream can be tempting. But, with so many kids facing dangers of childhood obesity, it is much smarter to snack on low-fat, healthy foods instead.

If your child is on a medical weight loss program, you have probably already received a recommendation that they choose low fat, high protein foods for snacks. Here are some good ways to ensure that they have the healthiest snacks available:

  • Take them with you to the grocery store. When kids have a hand in picking out their after school snacks, they are more likely to reach for those healthy foods when they get home.
  • Keep fresh veggies handy for snacking. Some good choices include baby carrots, broccoli or cauliflower florets and jicama sticks. Try a flavorful dip like low-fat hummus for an extra treat.
  • Offer a bowl of whole grain cereal with milk as a snack. The whole grains will keep them satisfied until dinner time.
  • Buy fresh fruits often and keep them at eye level in the refrigerator.
  • Look for whole grain versions of favorite snacks such as crackers or pretzels.
  • If your child balks at rice cakes, try flavored versions, or top them with peanut butter and dried fruit.
  • Make trail mix at home with nuts, whole grains, dried fruits and other healthy treats.
  • Buy ready to serve cheese options such as string cheese and individual serving packets.
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