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Should you throw out your old clothes?


Ask Cortés, (who Burned His Ships).

When you have lost weight at Scottsdale Weight Loss Center, you might be tempted to keep those big clothes around. The thinking goes: “I might need them later.” This line of thought implies a lack of confidence, given past weight regain. History shows us a great example of how tossing your oversized clothes will help you be a better weight manager.

In 1519, Spanish leader Hernán Cortés fought the Aztecs in Spain’s attempts to colonize Mexico. His army of 600 Spaniards and 11 ships seemed no match for the Aztecs. Cortés knew that for the prior 600 years, other armies had failed. As he prepared for battle, Cortés proclaimed, “Burn the Boats,” a move that served to remove a way out should his troops consider retreat. His army would have to fight!

Actually keeping your clothes that are too big for you in your closet demotivates, and may increase your chances of regaining weight. If you gain weight, you might be more likely to move up to your next size of clothes, rather than return to your weight loss physician immediately to help you get back on track. You might have heard us say “never buy the next size.” We want your clothes to be a late measure of regain. You have probably gained 10 pounds in order for your clothes to be too tight. Get rid of your too-big clothes after losing weight. Give them to Goodwill, give them to friends, burn them if you must. Just don’t keep them in your closet. You won’t be needing them.

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