Why Losing Weight Really Matters

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why losing weight really mattersThe weight loss journey is never the same for any two people. Something so integrally tied to your personal health, your daily activities, your mood and your appearance can’t possibly happen in an identical way for anyone else. Yet for some reason, the weight loss industry has largely seemed to trivialize the weight loss process as wound-up entirely in the same common interests. Rather than customizing any weight loss program to your needs, the industry focuses on pushing your goals to fit the standard mold. Rather than being built around goals that make sense for your body and way of living, the goal becomes the same for everyone and the objective is to lose weight to look great.

Anyone who has struggled with obesity for any length of time knows that weight loss is about far more than looking a certain way. Losing weight means a fresh chance at living a healthy lifestyle. It means having more energy, being able to participate in activities with family members and friends that you once would have had to watch from the sidelines. It means feeling more comfortable in your own skin. But most importantly it means living free from the chronic disease that obesity puts you at an increased risk for. It means overcoming your increased risk of heart disease, reversing the onset of type-2 diabetes and living free from the shadow of the countless other chronic illnesses that develop in association with obesity.

If you’ve lived with obesity in the past, then you know the value behind good health and you know why losing weight really matters, and you aren’t alone in this understanding. Medical weight loss programs are tailored towards helping you lose weight—not just for the goal of looking a certain way, but in helping you feel a certain way.

The weight loss industry is a huge money making business in the United States, which makes sense with such a large percentage of the US adult population being overweight or obese. But while so many of these weight loss programs will promise fast results and will flaunt images of models, claiming that you can be that size too if you use their product, most of these standardized weight loss programs don’t take into account the health-side of how and why you should lose weight.

Long term weight loss is possible through commitment and hard work, but strategy is just as important. Working with a medical weight loss team can help you achieve the results you are looking for, not just aesthetically but health-wise, as well. When you are ready to lose weight, make sure that you are finding a weight loss program that will help you do it the right way. This means by focusing on improving your diet, not just eliminating foods, and by encouraging you to live a more active lifestyle. Working with a weight loss doctor can help you achieve the long-term weight loss results you are looking for.

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