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How do you spend your free time? Whether you work all day and are always pressed for a spare minute or consistently find yourself at home looking for something to do, everyone needs a hobby. Hobbies are a great way to relax, clear your mind and find enjoyment and fulfillment in an otherwise stressful life. You may not need to give too much time to your hobby, but just having one that you enjoy can give a lot more meaning to how you spend your time.

The way you use free time can also have a lot to do with how successfully you lose weight. Chandler, Scottsdale and the surrounding areas of Arizona are known for their outside hobbies. Why not take advantage of the area you live in and develop an active hobby that will take you off of the couch, away from the fridge and into the great outdoors where fun activities await you?

There are plenty of active hobbies you can try without venturing too far from home. Here are two ideas to get you started:

Go Golfing.

Golf is a great active hobby. This is a mild to moderate intensity sport that requires a great deal of walking and standing. While golfing might not be the most intense form of exercise, it is a wonderful way to introduce more activity to your hobbies. Check out the Bear Creek Golf Course in Chandler, a champion golf course that is considered highly affordable.

Go Hiking.

Scottsdale is known for its hiking destinations. Take advantage of what is in your own backyard by getting out there and getting active. There are many minor trails that are great for short expeditions as you lose weight.

Some of the most highly-rated short trails in the Scottsdale area can be found in:

  • La Mirada Park
  • McCormick Railroad Park
  • Mountain View Park
  • Nature Park along the Arizona Canal
  • Mescal Park
  • Scottsdale Ranch Park
  • Stonegate Equestrian Park

Everyone can benefit from having a fun hobby. A hobby isn’t something that needs to take up too much of your time, but it is a great way to incorporate more exercise into your regular routine. Developing an active hobby is a great way to transition into a more active lifestyle.

What are your favorite hobbies? Share them in a comment below.

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