How Sleep is Directly Related to Dieting and Overall Health


Many people do not take sleep as seriously as they should. They think that they can skimp on the ZZZs and still be able to function at their greatest. Unfortunately, skimping on sleep will have a variety of negative effects on the body, including an increase in weight gain.

Getting more sleep should be a part of an overall effort to improve health and make smarter lifestyle choices. But many suffering from insomnia, weight gain and depression find it difficult to get started making changes that can lead to more energy and less weight. The best option is to locate programs specialized in weight loss management in Chandler.

The reason why sleep deprivation has an impact on weight gain has been studied by researchers at Uppsala University. They found that appetite sensations are more stimulated by images of food with individuals who are sleep deprived than they are by those who have gotten an adequate amount of sleep.

For this reason, poor sleep habits can have a long term negative effect on the body as sleep deprived individuals are more likely to eat more food than they would otherwise. Sleep deprivation might also have an impact on an individual’s will power, making it more difficult to control one’s eating habits.

Individuals who are sleep deprived also have less energy, which makes them less willing to engage in physical activities that are needed to burn the added calories consumed by the sleep deprived individual.

Sleep deprivation can have compounding effects because a lack of exercise increases the chances that an individual will suffer from insomnia. Exercise has a relaxing effect that assists the body in developing healthy sleep patterns.

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