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Feeding Self Esteem


It’s not just our bodies that need to be fed. Our self esteem can also use a virtual meal everyday to keep us feeling happy and complete. But how do you feed self esteem? Not with a pint of ice cream or box of cookies, but with a positive opinion of yourself and a willingness to understand your own emotional needs.

One easy way of feeding our self esteem is to do the little things for our appearance that keep us feeling confident. For some people, outer appearance upkeep, including keeping your hair trimmed, painting your nails, losing weight, applying make-up and ironing your clothes, solves this problem.

A more substantial way to feed your self esteem is to think about all the things you like about yourself and make a list of them. These can be both physical and personality traits that make you feel proud and confident. Placing a higher value on these aspects of yourself rather than fixating on those you may not like can help you see and appreciate yourself in a whole new light.

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