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Eating right doesn’t have to be complicated


With all the information available about how to eat and how to lose weight, it’s easy to assume that eating right is a complicated process. However, eating right can be pretty simple once you understand a few basic principles.

Simple Tips for Eating Right

  1. You don’t want to lose weight, you want to lose excess fat. It’s important that you don’t become so focused on lowering a number on a scale that you embark on a diet that leads to muscle loss as part of your overall weight loss. Muscle provides energy and fuels your metabolism. While simply eating fewer calories than you burn can help you lose weight, if the calories you consume don’t contain the proper nutrients, part of that weight loss will come from lost muscle mass.
  2. What kind of calories you’re eating matters. It’s important that you consume a balance of protein, carbohydrates, and healthy fats. Your body needs all of these macronutrients to function properly. Eliminating all of one macronutrient in order to cut calories – even if that means eliminating all fats – will deprive your body of the nutrients it needs for energy and optimum health.
  3. Focus on eating whole, unprocessed foods. Whole foods generally contain more nutrients than highly processed foods. While your calorie count may be the same, eating a diet that’s filled with whole foods will allow you to lose fat while retaining muscle mass. You’re also more likely to find that any weight loss you do enjoy is easier to maintain.
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