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Dealing with Anger Constructively


Understanding that it is okay to get angry will go far in helping you to deal with that anger constructively. We all get angry–it is a perfectly normal, functional and even productive emotion.

Sometimes, people feel guilty for getting angry and that guilt tends to make the anger even worse. Then, we sometimes turn to food in an effort to stuff down the anger. The act of swallowing a large mouthful of food can sometimes make us physically feel our anger getting stuffed down, but in truth, it is not accomplishing anything.

When you are angry, first figure out why. Are you angry at a situation that is happening right now, that you can resolve rationally? Or are you angry at something that happened at another time and you are just reminded of it now? If you are angry at something happening right now, try to think of ways to safely alleviate the situation and solve the problem. These may include leaving the area, confronting someone, or calling a friend to vent.

If you are angry about something that happened at another time, forgive yourself and understand that you must need to feel this anger in order to get over the incident. Then, find a professional to discuss the event with.

Identifying the reasons for your anger and dealing with them constructively instead of turning to food to feel better is an essential skill for long-term weight control.

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