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Can Interval Training Boost Your Calorie-Burning Power for Weight Loss?


You may have read about interval training at some point and dismissed it as an idea more suited for professional athletes than for you. In actuality interval training is a very simple concept that virtually anyone can do — and it is a great way to burn calories quick!

Interval training essentially means doing varied activity levels back to back, such as 10 minutes of walking followed by a short burst of running, then returning to walking. If you feel like you aren’t ready to run yet, try “speed walking” and mix it up with your regular paced walk.

Interval training works extremely well for patients who are enrolled in a medical weight loss program. Research has shown that the more physical activity you do the more calories you will use. Even if your intervals of high intensity physical activity are only brief, you are still jump-starting your body into burning more calories.

Interval training is a simple, accessible and inexpensive solution to revamp your workout routine. You don’t need any special equipment and will not have to purchase any expensive gym membership to do interval training. If you hate doing the same thing every day interval training is a great option for you. Try walking a few days a week, and then break out your bike on other days. Biking is an easy exercise to turn into interval training just by altering the intensity and speed with which you pedal. You can even use a simple jump rope as part of your interval training exercise routine. This type of exercise can help any patient who is working to lose weight and help them to reach their goals much more rapidly.

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