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There is no such thing as a temporary solution for lasting weight loss. To successfully lose weight in Chandler and Scottsdale—and keep that weight off long term—you will need to develop lasting habits during your medical weight loss program that will alter your existing lifestyle for the better.

When you make a commitment to a medical weight loss program, you are doing more than agreeing to follow a dietary plan for a set number of weeks. You are opening your life to new experiences and opportunities that are healthy and exciting, even if they may be challenging. While many people are quick to open their minds to these changes and adjust their attitudes towards health and wellness efforts appropriately, opening your schedule isn’t always as simple.

To reach and maintain your weight loss goals, physical fitness needs to become an essential aspect of your life. Before this can happen, you need to develop strategies to incorporate exercise into your day-to-day life. This starts by creating a regular fitness routine.

How to Develop a Fitness Routine

Every person has different fitness needs, so there is no one-size-fits-all routine. However, during your medical weight loss program you have the advantage of ongoing support and guidance from your medical weight loss doctor, who can provide you with detailed advice on the ideal intensity and type of exercise for your health needs.

While every workout routine is unique, there are several core aspects that remain similar for most people. Here are a few guidelines for a successful workout routine:

  • Set time limits: In addition to having the start time of your workout scheduled, you should have the length of your workout in mind as well. Thirty minutes is a good workout length to aim for when you are just getting started.
  • Keep it regular: Try to schedule in 30-minute workouts at least five times a week. Don’t schedule your break days in a row. For example, try scheduling your workouts two days in a row, then rest for a day, then schedule three workouts in a row before resting again.
  • Pick a place: Having a dedicated place where you exercise will help you define your fitness routine more clearly. This doesn’t have to be a gym, but it should be somewhere. You can create a workout corner in a room of your home or find a walking or running path in your neighborhood that you can use regularly.
  • Choose your fitness: You don’t have to stick with just one form of exercise, but there should be some sort of routine to your fitness endeavors. To keep from boredom try mixing up your workouts based on days. Try jogging two days a week, doing weight training two days a week and yoga one day a week, for example.

Use these tips to develop a fitness schedule that is right for your lifestyle. Developing a workout routine will help your new active lifestyle feel normal as you take strides to maintain your medical weight loss efforts.

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