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Being Body Positive about Weight Loss


It’s hard being overweight. The reason why goes far beyond the medical concerns associated with obesity. Even when you lose weight and improve your health; feeling body positive can be a whole different challenge.

For many people, the drive behind personal weight loss goals is aesthetic. Everyone wants to look good and love their body. But to really feel your best, you have to start loving your body now—wherever you are on your weight loss journey.

Love Yourself During Medical Weight Loss

So many people enter their medical weight loss program thinking about how much they’ll appreciate their body later, once they lose weight. This isn’t a healthy way to think about your body or your weight loss progress.

“Losing weight is not the key to happiness, happiness is the key to losing weight.”

Your body does a lot for you every day and does even more when you start a weight loss program. On top of your work schedule and family obligations, your body goes to the gym and sticks to your medical weight loss diet. By learning to love your body, you can make an immediate change in how you feel. Hold your head high and appreciate the way your body exists today. It can help you feel more comfortable in your own skin, and in your blue jeans.

Your medical weight loss program is designed to get you fast results. But if you’re too busy thinking about how much you dislike your body, then you’ll miss the great things happening now. Appreciate your body for what it is and how it is. Let go of any past animosity that you’ve held and try being thankful for what you have. This is the only way to mentally approach a medical weight loss program. Love yourself now, and enjoy the results later.

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