Are Toning Shoes Too Good to be True?


Although most us know that in order to lose weight there needs to be more energy expended than consumed, it is still tempting to look for that next quick fix or trendy diet that promises unbelievable results. At first glance, the popular toning shoes look like a promising way to tone up your body without any additional exercise. However, as with many items along this vein, they seem too good to be true. Here is a summary of what the shoes claim to do as well as what they really do to promote muscle growth and weight loss.

The Claim of Toning Shoes: Manufacturers that produce these popular toning sandals and sneakers say that the unstable base to their shoes will help the wearer tone up. The idea is that the muscles will need to work harder in order to walk or even to stand upright, leading to a greater amount of calories burned throughout the day, as well as a boost in the metabolism due to the stronger and larger leg muscles. Some even claim that they will help the wearer burn significantly more calories while walking or running compared to traditional sneakers.

The Reality of Toning Shoes: Unfortunately, this shoe claim really is too good to be true. While it is true that the unbalanced base requires your body to adjust and call on different muscles, the net result is that other muscles are used less as well. Wearers will burn the same amount of calories regardless of their footwear. In fact, some toning sandals can even cause pain in the shins or calves because of the unsteady base. While this discomfort may lead you to believe that you are burning more calories, their weight loss claims have been disproven.

Overall, toning shoes might look attractive but won’t help you to lose weight. Speak to the staff at your local weight loss center in Chandler for more realistic ways to reduce body fat and tone up.

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