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Tips for Dealing with Anger


Whether you try to deny the feeling or not, everyone becomes angry at one point or another. As you begin to become healthier and follow weight loss plans in Chandler, it is very important that you focus on achieving whole-body wellness. This means accepting emotions that you wish to hide and learning ways to cope with your stress as well as feelings like sadness or anger.

Too many people deny their feelings of anger and push their emotions deep down within their minds to avoid. Others let their anger brew for long periods of time before finally letting it out in damaging ways. Instead of either of these options, try finding a balance with your anger. Here are a few simple tips to help you sort through your anger and overcome the emotion without feeling deprived, neglected, or guilty.

  1. What is this all about, really? All too often people become angry at the drop of a hat, but when they stop and think about it they find that when they yelled at their friend for being late to a lunch date, they really weren’t all that upset by the action. When you feel yourself growing angry, take a moment to think about what it is that is getting you so upset. You may find that the real source of anger is repetitive, and by focusing efforts to fix a few smaller areas of your life you can eliminate anger that develops in other areas.
  2. What can you do about it? There are a million things that can get you angry, and many of them are completely out of your control. It is best to accept this and move on. Take the time to separate things that you can control from outside sources that you are letting affect you, and then make the effort to let those things that you cannot control flow out of your life—or at least out of your mind.
  3. Stop blaming yourself. While you may be upset about the way a conversation went with a loved one, being angry at yourself about it will not help the situation. Instead, by letting the anger towards yourself brew you are more likely to engage in self-sabotaging activities, such as overeating or becoming more sedentary. Forgive yourself for your own shortcomings and forgive your loved ones for theirs. You may find that the anger is not as strong as you believed it was.
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