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This Year In Sports: Time to Get Inspired


If you are looking for a reason to get inspired to become more active, then you may be in luck. Between the always intriguing X-games that just wrapped up for the year to the Summer Olympics which are going to be held in Brazil over the summer, there are plenty of different sporting events taking center stage this year.

The wonderful thing about sports is that they act as a catalyst that bring people together. From the World Cup to the World Series, people love to cheer on their favorite team and make new bonds with other fans who appreciating the sport. Unfortunately, that cheering and appreciation often happens from the couch or from the stool in your local sports bar, and not in any place where you can use those positive feelings to become more active in your own life.

This year, as you work on improving your health through medical weight loss in Glendale, try to let your favorite sports inspire you in new ways. Rather than just donning the jersey of your favorite team, try emulating your favorite player by getting outside and working towards your own goals.

Inspiration from Professional Athletes

“Continuous effort — not strength or intelligence — is the key to unlocking our potential.”– Liane Cardes

Exercise is a fundamental aspect of living a healthy lifestyle, yet so many people find excuses or try to avoid really getting active on a daily basis. As you enjoy your favorite sports this year, especially as the Olympics begin in a few months, take the time to appreciate what the professional athletes you are watching have accomplished.

Here are a few ways that you can bring your favorite sports home with you this year and enhance your daily exercise routine:

  • Sign up for a local 5k race and push yourself to walk faster than you have in the past, setting a personal record for the distance. Once you are used to walking, try pushing yourself up to a jog.
  • Register for a class at the local martial arts or dance studio. This is a great way to bring your appreciation for the sport, especially Tae kwon do or gymnastics, into your personal workout routine.
  • Join a local gym and take advantage of the open pool hours. You can also search nearby for a skating rink where you can practice skating, either on ice or on rollerblades.

You don’t have to be the world’s greatest swimmer to take a dive into the pool and to swim a couple of laps. Just like you don’t have to win March Madness to spend an afternoon shooting hoops with a couple of friends. The trick is to find activities that you enjoy and to let the inspiration surrounding you do the work in pushing you out the door.

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