Obesity: The Disease


If you found out that you had a chronic disease, one that could take years off your life and leave you feeling uncomfortable day after day, chances are you would take the diagnosis rather seriously. Now imagine that you found out that though you had this disease, you had options. There is treatment available. There is even a surgical option to help aid your recovery. There are support groups, and doctors, and plenty of people who have had the same problem in the past and come out the other side with flying colors. You would probably take those medical treatment options just as seriously, right?

This is why so many medical experts are calling for a change in rhetoric regarding the way that we talk about obesity. Obesity is a disease. It is a chronic health disorder that influences your ability to live a healthy lifestyle. Being obese increases your risk for developing a long list of medical concerns. It takes years off your life and leaves you uncomfortable. What is worse, obesity isn’t something you can just opt out of. Losing weight takes time and work, and the majority of people who are obese have tried losing weight on their own in the past without success.

The Truth About Obesity

Whether you consider obesity a disease or not, the facts are clear. Obesity seriously disrupts your ability to live an otherwise healthy lifestyle. Obesity increases your risk for diseases like:

  • Heart disease
  • Stroke
  • Sleep Apnea
  • Arthritis
  • Anxiety
  • Depression

Once you start talking about obesity as a disease, it becomes clear that the real answer to obesity is medical support. Medical weight loss programs have existed for a long time, but so many people are unaware of the benefits of what medical weight loss can help you achieve. Unlike standard diets, medical weight loss programs help you with ongoing weight loss success by introducing you to proven strategies like meal replacement plans and supporting you with regular guidance from weight loss experts. Weight loss medications offer an additional layer of support in helping you overcome hunger and reach your weight loss goal on your terms.

A team of weight loss doctors recently came together in Portugal and called for a global shift in the way that we talk about obesity. Once you start to think of obesity as the disease that it is, it becomes much easier to think about the ways you can treat the problem. If you need help losing weight, then contact your medical weight loss doctor for support. Medical weight loss can change the way that you deal with obesity.

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