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Makeover Your Body Image with These 10 Tips


Between constant advertisements for weight loss miracles and magazine models that are airbrushed to look even thinner than they already are, it is easy for people to become disillusioned with their body. The desire to compare your body to the airbrushed images that the media upholds can discourage men and women of all ages

True health begins in the mind. Body image is a mental assessment of how well one’s body feels, looks and performs. Achieving and maintaining a positive body image is essential to overall health and wellness. These ten simple steps can help people who are pursuing weight loss plans in Chandler to jumpstart their success with a body image makeover.

  1. Set Realistic Expectations: Setting measurable and achievable goals is key to success. Expectations that are too high will lead to disappointment and frustration.
  2. Don’t Fret Over a Few Pounds: For most people, gaining a few holiday pounds is the norm. Try to integrate more physical activity and exercise into holiday festivities. Enjoy favorite foods without going overboard.
  3. Change Resolutions into Habits: Healthy changes can start any time of year. The goal is to transform small changes into sustainable habits.
  4. Schedule Workouts: Treat exercise like a job and schedule workouts every day. Commit to exercising when routines change, such as during travel or holiday seasons.
  5. Walk it Out: Log extra miles by walking whenever possible. Park farther from the door, and take the stairs instead of the elevator.
  6. Snack Wisely: Packaged snacks can pack on the pounds. When surrounded by tempting treats, fill up on nuts, fruits and vegetables first. This often fulfills cravings for salty and sweet snacks.
  7. Celebrate Along the Way: Appreciate what the body can already do. Climbing stairs without getting winded deserves a celebration, as does running a marathon or fitting into a favorite pair of jeans.
  8. Two Heads are Better than One: Find a partner for motivation, accountability and encouragement.
  9. Get Assessed: Have body fat and muscle mass assessed by a professional whether at a gym or at home using a bioelectrical impedance scale.
  10. Seek Help: Professional help and weight loss plans in Chandler may be beneficial and necessary for those who may have more serious body image issues.
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