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Losing Weight over the Holidays


Losing weight during the holidays is a tough task. Medical weight loss in Chandler is one way to melt away the pounds during this time of the year. While diet and weight loss in Chandler is possible during the holidays, it will take discipline to keep to that diet during the season of sweets and treats. Here are a few important tips to prevent weight gain during the holiday season:

Avoiding Grazing:

During the holiday season, it is tempting to just keep eating little snacks throughout the day. While it might not be a problem if the foods are nutrient rich and low fat, the holiday snacks often include high fat or high sugar foods that provide little nutrition. Instead, opt out of the grazing and eat according to your normal schedule.

Drop the Gorging Habit:

Thanksgiving until New Year is the time when people eat as much as they want and tend to gorge until it is not possible to eat any more. Instead of submitting to this habit, change your mentality and eat slowly during the meals. This will help determine when you are getting full to avoid overeating. Try stopping when you feel almost full instead of stuffed.

Add More Low Calorie Foods:

The typical holiday meal consists of foods like mashed potatoes, gravy, turkey and ham. The problem is that all of these are high calorie, high starch and high fat. Instead, work out a plan to add some low calorie items like a simple fruit salad, garden salad with romaine lettuce and whole grain rolls. By adding healthier, low calorie foods to the menu it is possible to limit the amount of calories by sticking to one small piece of ham or turkey mixed into a salad with low calorie dressing.

Losing weight during the holidays is not simple, but with a combination of practical eating habits and adding a little exercise to the routine, the holidays can become a time to lose instead of gain. Try mixing it up this year with better meal options.

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