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Chronic dieters are caught in a world of extremes. At times, they either are dieting, trying to be “perfect” and losing weight. At other times, they have no plan, and frequently overeat. At these times, they use overly judgmental statements such as “I’m being bad today.” I am not a fan of this type of “on or off” thinking. Life is more of a dimmer than an “on-off switch.” A colleague of mine uses the concept of dimmer thinking to manage living in moderation. How then does a Scottsdale Weight Loss Center doctor eat pizza?

During my less lean days, I ate 3-4 slices of New York style pizza (1500-2000). Afterwords, I would feel bloated, stuffed and uncomfortable. Ugh!

I now use a new system that works great for me. I pay for a single slice of pizza and order a large dinner salad with dressing on the side. I also drink plenty of calorie-free fluids. After I finish my salad, I ask the sever to heat up my slice of pizza. When I am done, I am always surprised to find how satisfied I am after the meal. Instead of eating 1500 calories, I have only consumed 500.

I am not suggesting someone trying to lose weight go on the “Pizza Diet,” but eating a salad and drinking lots of water early in a meal (“preloading”) is a great maintenance tool.

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