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Exercises For Runners


While running itself is great exercise for weight loss, there are other exercises you can do to improve your run and prevent injury. Check out these recommended exercises for runners.

Exercises for Runners

  1. Stretching: regular stretching improves the range of motion in your joints, which is key for preventing injury if you run regularly. Make sure you do slow, gentle stretches and do not stretch to the point of pain. It’s a good idea to stretch warm muscles, so do simple stretches after a run. If you’re going to stretch before a run, do a quick warm up walk first.
  2. Light weight lifting: building the muscles in your legs and torso can help increase your speed when you run and improve your stamina for long runs. Focus on doing a high number of repetitions with lower weights. Do strength training before running or on your off days and not immediately after a run when your muscles need time to cool down.
  3. Core exercises: a strong core can improve your balance and strengthen the muscles in your stomach, back and hips. Sit-ups, leg raises and plank poses are great core exercises that can be done before or after running.

Adding variety to your fitness routine can help you become a better runner and make sure all systems in your body are getting the workout they need to stay healthy.

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