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Eating Out While Trying to Lose Weight


Preparing your own food will keep you in complete control of your diet. It’s the best way to ensure a healthy meal. So try to limit eating out during your medical weight loss program.

How to Break the Habit of Eating Out

  • Eat breakfast at home or bring your own breakfast to work.
  • Bring your lunch from home every day.
  • Cooking dinner at home at least five nights per week. Every night, if possible.

These are good rules to live by, but there’s still a good chance that you’ll find yourself dining out sometime soon. If you do, don’t worry—it’s possible to find something healthy to eat at nearly any restaurant these days.

Healthy Habits for When You Eat Out

  • Ask for a to-go box. Sometimes, it isn’t the food itself that’s unhealthy, but the amount that’s served. Most restaurant portion sizes are enough to feed two people (or more). Ask for a to-go box when you order to measure out portions when your food arrives. Then immediately pack up the excess food to prevent yourself from overeating.
  • Make your meal a salad. Order one packed with veggies. Salads are low in carbs and fat, and overall a healthier choice. Try to avoid fatty toppings like cheese and bacon, and dressings like ranch and blue cheese. Choose a low-calorie dressing like a vinaigrette and order it on the side. That way, you’re in control of how much to pour on. A side salad can also be a great option if you need a healthier side with your meal.
  • Be careful of how it’s cooked. It may seem fine to order “mixed vegetables,” but if they’re cooked in butter or oil, they may not be as healthy as you think. Take a close look at how they’re going to cook everything you order, and if the menu isn’t clear, ask your server. Steamed, boiled, grilled, roasted, and broiled often mean a healthier dish because these cooking methods don’t need any added fat.

Though eating at home may be best, you can eat a healthy meal just about anywhere by making smart choices.

More Tips for Social Eating

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We're the experts you can trust to guide you through a weight loss program that will not only take the weight off but keep it off.

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