Do You Yo-Yo Diet?


Some justify not starting a weight loss program because of the (false) belief that weigh cycling (yo-yo dieting) is less healthy than remaining overweight. This is NOT true. A recent study from the Archives of Internal Medicine dated May 11th 2009, was done prospectively over a 20 year period on over 44,000 women as part of the Nurses’ Health Study.

The results show almost 19% were mild weight cyclers (yo-yo dieters) having lost about 10 pounds at least 3 times. Very important was that all cause mortality (any cause of death) and cardiovascular mortality (heart disease related death) was assessed and found to not be increased.

So, when you are ready to begin a weight loss program, pick one and begin. Choose wisely. Avoid fad diets. Consider using a physician who is skilled in treating those who are overweight, preferably board certified by the American Board of Bariatric Medicine. Choose a program with a full support staff. Find a physician who will spend time with you and find a program that you can stick with.

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