Best Biking Trails in Phoenix


There is no doubt that cycling is a very easy — and a very enjoyable — way to get your exercise in. In the Scottsdale, Phoenix, and Chandler areas, there is plenty of beautiful year-round weather that allows for especially great cycling conditions. Anyone who is enrolled in a medical weight loss program can really take advantage of this by getting out on one of these great local biking trails for extra fast weight loss.

Trail 100 in the Phoenix Mountains Preserve

This trail spans about 11 miles, moving from East to West. It has plenty of fairly flat and easy riding, but some sections can be more challenging. If you start on the East end, try parking at the Tatum trailhead or the lot on 40th Street.

Starting from the West end, there are trailheads at Mountain View Park and 7th Street. Many riders enjoy the trail east of the Dreamy Draw area the most, but the area to the west also has some easy tracks that are beautiful.

Casa Grande Mountain Park

The Casa Grande Mountain Park area boasts some of the most spectacular views in the Phoenix area, and it is also home to a couple of great biking trails. The north biking loops starting at the saddle give you plenty of connector trails that wind all around the mountain. You can essentially design your own trail here. There is about five miles in total trails here, but of course you can greatly extend that distance by trying all the alternate trails around the mountain.

The south side trails are definitely more challenging than the ones in the north, especially the further south you ride. These trails go from the saddle down to the south point of the mountain. Trail options abound here as well. Go with the east or west trails if you’re looking for a bigger challenge, steep climbing, and challenging descents.

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