8 Questions to Consider Before You Bail on Your Diet


You don’t want to eat calorific foods and spoil your hard work when you’re on a diet. Nonetheless, it’s probably happened before, so you know there’s a good chance it could do so again. Ask a few important questions before bailing, though, and you’ll give yourself a fighting chance. Take advantage of that moment between not having reached for candies and doing so by searching your mind for potential behavior-changing answers.

Will I feel sorry later?

You might enjoy a fantasy about tucking into croissants and jam, but what about later when you’ve done the deed? No doubt, you’ll experience remorse for not following your diet plan. Then again, maybe the treat you want to consume won’t leave you full of regret after all. Run a check through your brain and ensure you do what’s best for you.

Have I stuck to my diet all week?

Look back over the week. Did you stick to your diet? If so, maybe there’s room for leniency, and a small food goodie wouldn’t go amiss? If you’ve already gone astray, though, you may recognize the need to be firm. Or, you may be pleased you carried out your aim not to eat the wrong foods and not want to spoil your track record.

Can I make up for eating extra calories?

If you eat what you want now, perhaps you can make up for your digression later? Many dieters binge on special occasions and then eat fewer calories the next day in reparation. Alternatively, you may be aware you never follow through with plans to make up for having indulged and could face a similar problem this time.

Is this food worthwhile?

Seriously, is the food you want to eat as amazing as you imagine? Or is your mind tricking you? Sometimes, dieters fool themselves into thinking food treats are scrumptious but find they are sickly or greasy. At other times, food lays heavy in their stomachs, making them uncomfortable. If the goodie you want is genuinely fantastic, that’s different. At least you’ll enjoy it.

How will indulging affect my goal?

Think about your long-term goal to lose weight. Will falling off the wagon be harmful this once? Also, consider whether once might turn into two or three times and how much succumbing will influence your plans.

Can I make my diet more attractive?

Might your diet be more appealing? If so, you may not get the urge to eat calorie-laden foods. How can you increase the allure of acceptable fare? Could you prepare or cook it differently? Can you add a greater variety of foodstuff to your diet to add interest too?

How can I increase my incentive to stick to my diet?

Later, you’ll be rewarded for dieting. At present, you may not benefit from your efforts though. Consider how to make your incentive to stick to your diet strong. Treat yourself to a non-food prize at the end of each week of successful dieting to increase your resolve.

Will bailing on my diet ruin my day?

If you overeat or consume sweet or fatty foods, will your meal plans be scuppered? Spoil your appetite, and you won’t benefit from the nutrients you’ve incorporated into your diet. Also do you have a social engagement that includes eating later? Will you want to eat again?

Consider the vital questions mentioned, and you’ll be less inclined to bail on your diet. If not, at least you will have considered the consequences of your actions and feel okay with the outcome.

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