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How to Fit Exercise into your Life!

Posted: Apr 01 in Getting Active, Lifestyle, News by

By Joe Green , Fitness Director at Valley of the Sun JCC Incorporating exercise activity into our daily routines is a lot less daunting when you have a good idea of what to do. As a professional personal trainer, I have spent the last twenty years coaching others just like you and the number one […]

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3 Snacks Actually Good for Weight-Loss

Posted: Mar 04 in Food Gauge, Healthy Eating, Lifestyle by

Snacking is often thought of as a source of unnecessary calories between meals. If you’re snacking on junk food like chips or sugary desserts, you’re going to have trouble losing weight, but if you snack on healthy foods you can reduce the total number of calories you eat during the day. [Read more]

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How to Eat More Superfoods in 2019

Posted: Feb 13 in Healthy Eating by

Are you working to improve your eating habits this year? One way to accomplish this is to make sure you include some of the so-called “superfoods” in your diet. This article will explain what superfoods are, give you some examples of good ones to look for (some of which are probably already in your refrigerator and pantry), and suggest ideas for how to make them part of your daily routine. [Read more]

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Do Diet and Exercise Logs Really Help with Weight Loss?

Posted: Feb 13 in Lifestyle by

Every popular diet from WeightWatchers to the various low-carb/keto plans includes tracking your daily food intake and exercise as a key part of their system. Fitness and health experts also tout the benefits of tracking. However, it can seem like a lot of work, so you may wonder if it’s worthwhile. This article takes a look at why tracking your food and exercise each day helps you lose weight and gives you some ideas for doing it easily. [Read more]

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Cosmetic Bogus Science

Posted: Feb 13 in Medical Aesthetics by

The cosmetic industry is notorious for its use of bogus science to promote beauty products. Advertisements for creams, moisturisers and cleansers are made to sound all the more convincing when scientific terminology is added to the narrative. Much of this science is bogus – a combination of half truths and fiction made to sound authentic […]

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Protecting Your Spine And Lower Back When Losing Weight

Posted: Feb 13 in Getting Active by

Many people can point to the moment when their fitness began to decline and their weight began to rise, and that was the moment that they injured their backs. Whether from a car accident, a fall, or simple overuse, ongoing back pain makes it much more difficult to exercise and efficiently burn the calories you take in. [Read more]

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Can You Estimate How Much Weight You Will Lose?

Posted: Feb 11 in Lifestyle by

Can you know in advance how much weight you will lose in a given amount of time? If you have a wedding dress or a swimsuit to fit into by summer, for example, can you know if you will lose the weight that you desire in the time that you have? [Read more]

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9 Super Skin Care Tips for Spring

Posted: Feb 11 in Medical Aesthetics by

The long months of winter are finally nearing their end, and it’ll soon be spring. This is the season of renewal, so if your skin is looking a little worse for wear after the last few months, it’s the perfect time to start putting things right. [Read more]

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