How Lifestyle Behaviors Influence Weight Loss


Your lifestyle is a series of day-to-day behaviors, habits, and actions. They can influence your mental and physical health, as well as affect the way you gain and lose weight.

Some common behaviors that influence your weight are:

  • The foods you eat
  • The way you spend your free time
  • How active you are throughout the day

Sure, a healthy diet and exercise can help you lose weight, but to maintain weight loss you need more healthy behaviors. You can achieve a healthier lifestyle with behavioral, dietary, and psychological changes.

Weight Management and Your Lifestyle

People can have trouble maintaining weight loss because they return to unhealthy habits once they reach their weight goal. Instead of looking at a diet as a temporary phase, focus on long-term lifestyle changes.

Small behaviors can add up to a large influence on your health. These may include:

  • The amount of water you drink
  • Your snacking habits
  • How you spend your free time
  • The amount of activity you engage in at work
  • The way you cope with and manage stress
  • Sleeping habits

These lifestyle behaviors affect everyone. Yours may be healthy, or they may show room for improvement, but the first step is recognizing your habits. To develop a healthier lifestyle, analyze how your habits influence your health.

To start a change in your life, develop healthy habits that will alter your lifestyle. It takes three weeks to form a habit. That means in 21 days you can turn an unhealthy behavior into something that will benefit your health.

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