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3 Ways to Find Your Weight Loss “WHY”


Cally Smith, MSN, APRN, FNP-C

It’s no secret; motivation for weight loss is hard to sustain. After fad dieting for what feels like an eternity, motivation may seem impossible at this point. However, if you can dig deep and discover your why, you will finally lose the weight and crush your goals. Some days, motivation can be elusive and not just with weight loss but everyday life. That is…until you discover your WHY!

My favorite quote is by Viktor Frankl, an Austrian psychiatrist, and neurologist who survived in a concentration camp during the Holocaust. He said, “Those who have a why to live, can bear almost any how.”

Now, the question is, how do I find my why. Rest assured, I have a few strategies.

Ways to Find Your Weight Loss Why

  1. Keep a journal: You’ll slowly notice patterns that start to emerge. The days you have control of your health and eating, you feel on top of the world; energetic and powerful. The days you feel out of control, you feel defeated and weak. How great would it feel to live every day in control?
  2. Find your tribe: Surround yourself with people that love and support you. Friends can open your eyes to patterns and behaviors that you did not realize existed. Open up to them. When you talk through weight loss struggles and successes with friends, family, or even weight-loss providers; we can potentially uncover ways you may be self-sabotaging your weight loss.
  3. Ask yourself the following questions:
    • What gets you out of bed in the morning?
    • What does your day look like if you are living your healthiest life?
    • What would be different in your life if you achieved your weight loss goals?
    • What are you willing to struggle for?
    • What do you want people to think about you?

Once you’ve found your WHY you have to find a way to keep it at the forefront of your mind. Hold it close to you. It will uplift you when times get tough. It’s no secret that weight loss is challenging. You are going to struggle and feel like giving up some days. The stronger your reason is for losing weight and being the healthiest version of you, the more successful you will be.

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