Tips to Help You Buy the Right Bathroom Scale for a Weight-Loss Plan


If you’re in the market for a new bathroom scale, the choices available to you could make it hard for you to make up your mind, especially if you plan to have the scale that you buy help you with a weight-loss plan. You need to make sure you don’t feel forced to overspend and get a top-of-the-line model. You still need a device that gives you an accurate idea of the progress that you make.

Factors to consider when you pick a bathroom scale

Weighing scale models exist for every need. If it’s important to you that your bathroom scale goes with your decor, there are fine models made of brushed stainless steel, glass and marble. If you find yourself low on motivation and would like a little technology to help you, a talking weighing scale can announce to anyone nearby how much you weigh. If you travel a lot, there are compact models that you can pack into a suitcase. In most cases, however, people who want a weighing scale for a weight-loss program, mainly look for reliable performance. It can help to consider the following features.

Weight tracking

Some weighing scale models come with displays and associated apps that draw a graph of your weight over time. A graph that shows you how your weight falls over time can be a great way to motivate yourself. There are even models that establish a connection with your activity monitor to give you calorie loss estimates and exercise recommendations.

Body fat percentage measurements

Several digital scale models use a technique called bioelectrical impedance analysis, or BIA, to estimate what percentage of your body weight consists of fat. Measuring your body fat percentage can be a more useful way of tracking your progress with a weight-loss plan than measuring your weight. This is because following an exercise plan can actually replace fat tissue with muscle tissue. Your weight doesn’t change, but you do get healthier with a lower level of body fat.

Activity tracker connectivity

Many dieters use activity tracking apps that help them keep an eye on their weight loss progress. Digital scale manufacturers like Polar and Fitbit help you get all your weight-loss information in one place by allowing you to use Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to connect your weighing scale to your activity tracker app. You get to see your lean mass, your body fat percentage, and other numbers.

Thinking about design

While product design isn’t an essential function that helps you make better use of your bathroom scale, there is a practical advantage to buying an attractive model. An unattractive bathroom scale isn’t likely to be placed in an easily accessible part of the house. A bathroom scale that is inaccessible will usually not be used often. In the interests of encouraging yourself to use your bathroom scale, it’s a good idea to buy an attractive model that you’ll love to display.

Thinking about accuracy

Digital weighing scales are not necessarily more accurate than old-fashioned analog models. It’s important to remember, however, that a scale that is somewhat inaccurate isn’t necessarily a problem. What you need is consistency, so that you can get a sense over time, of how you’re doing with your weight-loss plan.

Weighing yourself on a regular basis is an important part of any weight-loss plan. It’s a good idea to make use of modern advances to weighing scales, and get a model that measures your body fat percentage, rather than just your weight. Body fat percentage is a more meaningful number to pay attention to than how many pounds you weigh. It can also help to think about getting a model that connects to your activity tracker app. Ideally, a weighing scale that makes it easy for you to judge your progress makes it more possible for you to lose weight.

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