The Right Motivation for Weight Loss


One of the keys to successful weight loss is finding the right motivation for you. The problem is that motivation isn’t something that you can find at the local store, and it isn’t something that your medical weight loss doctor can prescribe. Motivation doesn’t come one-size-fits-all. Motivation is highly personal. What motivates you best is determined by what matters to you the most.

When you are getting started with a medical weight loss program, it is helpful to think about what the most effective motivational factors for you may be.

Think about things like:

  • Family
  • Personal goals
  • Health history
  • Frustrations / Obstacles that have held you back in the past

Important personal factors like these can really help you put your health and weight loss goals in perspective, and give you the motivation you need to succeed.

However, just having these thoughts in mind at the get-go isn’t enough to keep you feeling positive and motivated about your progress if the weight loss process becomes difficult. As you lose weight, using motivational strategies to encourage your ongoing progress can help you stay focused on reaching your goal.

Tracking Motivation

A successful weight loss plan is made up of a compilation of small goals that work together in helping you develop a healthier lifestyle. To motivate yourself to keep going, it is a good idea to monitor those minor goals and to praise yourself for progress, even in the smallest forms. Keeping a weight loss journal can help with this. Instead of just jotting down what you’ve eaten or how much you’ve exercised, use your journal to record small motivational bits of data.

Your weight loss journal is a great tool to help you reflect on the weight loss process. As you reflect, ask yourself:

  • Am I recording my food intake in a timely manner?
  • Am I adjusting to the reduction in caloric intake well?
  • Am I enjoying physical activity?
  • Am I gradually increasing physical activity?
  • Am I setting and working towards realistic goals?
  • Am I rewarding myself for positive changes?
  • Am I feeling thoroughly supported in this process?

Keeping an eye on motivational factors like those listed above can help you stay open-minded and mindful about the weight loss process, helping you to acknowledge more easily when there may be a habit that ought to be changed.

If you are looking for additional support or are having difficulty maintaining motivation, talk to your weight loss doctor about strategies to jump-start your weight loss.

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