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Exercises for Lowering Blood Pressure


Craig Primack MD, FACP, FAAP, FOMA

The best way to treat blood pressure (BP) is weight loss. With the right amount of exercise, your weight and blood pressure will reduce.

The European Society of Cardiology created an algorithm to personalize exercise based on BP. This comprehensive approach for BP control is used in most medical weight loss programs.

Types of Blood Pressures

Hypertension: Blood pressure over 140/90

High-Normal: Blood pressure between 130-139/85-89

Normal: Blood Pressure less than 130/84

Studies have shown that aerobic exercise in those with hypertension should lower BP by 4.9-12mm Hg systolic and -3.4 to -5.8mm Hg diastolic.

How to Lower Blood Pressure with Exercise

The best way to reduce blood pressure with exercise is to integrate all three types of exercise: Aerobic Training (AT), Dynamic Resistance Training (RT), and Isometric Resistance Training. If you’re currently inactive, choosing any exercise is a great place to start.

Here’s a guideline for exercise to try based on your blood pressure levels:

Hypertension: aerobic training (AT) is a first-line exercise therapy and low to moderate-intensity resistance training (RT). Both dynamic and isometric RT as second-line therapy.

High-Normal Blood Pressure: Dynamic RT is an exercise that leads to greater BP reduction than aerobic training. Combining dynamic RT with AT may be preferable to dynamic RT alone in patients with a combination of cardiovascular risk factors.

Normal Blood Pressure: Isometric RT is the first-line intervention in individuals with a family history of hypertension. This is also recommended to those who are overweight or have obesity with currently normal BP. AT is also an option.

Examples of Aerobic Training Exercises

Aerobic training exercises increase your heart rate with constant and continuous movement.

  1. Walking, Jogging, or Running
  2. Biking
  3. Swimming
  4. Skiing or Snowboarding

Examples of Dynamic Exercises

Dynamic exercises move the muscles through a specific range of motion.

  1. Squats
  2. Push-ups
  3. Bicep Curls

For each of these, start with 5 reps and increases over time. Aim for 5 sets of each.

Examples of Isometric Exercises

Isometric exercise is muscle flexion without active movement.

  1. Wall Sit
  2. Plank
  3. Overhead Hold
  4. Glute Bridge
  5. Body V-Ups

For each of these start by holding for 15 seconds and increasing over time. Aim for 5 sets of each.

Track Your Progress

To control high blood pressure, it’s important to keep track of your readings. You can have your blood pressure checked weekly at a medical weight loss program or with your primary care doctor. Accountability and SMART goals are the best way to achieve lasting weight loss results.

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Source: New Guidance on Personalized Exercise for BP Control- Medscape 4-1-2021

We're the experts you can trust to guide you through a weight loss program that will not only take the weight off but keep it off.

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