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With jobs that keep us on the go and the added stresses of family and home obligations, losing weight can be the furthest thing from a priority for many people. Busy schedules mean that meals are purchased and eaten quickly, and nutrition often suffers in the quest for efficiency.

To combat the bad habits that come with stress, nutrition experts suggest some simple tips to help establish a weight loss program. Losing weight comes by re-arranging schedules to emphasize eating at the right times, not skipping breakfast or other meals but instead eating smaller courses throughout the day. This helps avoid the hunger that can cause people to seek junk food or other bad choices that can sabotage a weight loss program. Nutritionists also stress avoidance, keeping junk food out of the house or office desk and trying to anticipate when stressful times are coming so healthy food can be selected ahead of time. It can be even more productive to make a list of things that cause stress or times that are the most stressful, then write down possible solutions or to-do lists the help keep on track. Keeping healthy snacks at home and work can also be important when it comes time to choose a pick-up between meals.

Exercise is also important, both for weight loss and to combat stress. In Mesa, walking on a warm evening can give people a chance to relieve stress from the day that, if unchecked, can lead to unhealthy eating at night. Mesa also has a number of fitness facilities where people can both work out and connect with health and nutrition experts to devise a personal plan. If there is no time for a formal workout, a simple routine of jumping jacks or simple meditation can be enough to reduce stress.

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