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It can be so hard to go out to a restaurant and eat well. Temptations are everywhere, and portion sizes are large. Mapping out a strategy before you go can be an important piece of the puzzle when you don’t want to over eat. First of all, whenever possible, try to select a restaurant that is known for having healthy food. If you have a computer, go on the Internet and look at the nutritional content of the foods a particular place serves. If you can find that information, you will have the option of making your menu selection before you go. Then, once you get there, don’t even open the menu. You’ll be less tempted to go off-plan.

If looking ahead of time isn’t an option, you may want to consider your strategy for when you order. If you are going with a friend, ask if they might want to split a healthy entree with you. This reduces portion size and also will help keep your from changing your mind at the last minute. If all else fails and there aren’t too many good options, ask the waiter or waitress to box up half of your food before they bring it out. Having only half the food on your plate will help keep you from eating everything, and then you will have another half portion for the next day as well.

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