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6 Mood-Lifting Moves That Will Help You Lose Weight


Losing weight is hard enough to do when life is good, but when you’re feeling stressed or blue, shedding unwanted pounds can be downright impossible. That’s because a negative state of mind lends itself to poor food choices, binging, and other unhealthy eating habits. The good news is you can boost your spirits with some lifestyle changes that won’t just make you happier but more energized and motivated to lose weight too. Try these six mood-lifting moves to get rid of those excess pounds and keep them off for good.

Do Exhilarating Exercise

Exercise releases endorphins that lift mood, but exactly how mood-lifting exercise is depends on the type of exercise you do. Pick something that’s exhilarating and that you enjoy. A rigorous cycling class or a high-energy dance session may be the answer for some people, while an outdoor hike, swim, or game of basketball works for others. Figure out what it takes to maximize the mood-lifting effects of exercise for you, then get pumped to lose weight.

Choose a Mood-Lifting Diet

Foods high in magnesium and vitamins B and D, like nuts, avocado, spinach, fish, yogurt, and eggs, have been shown to fight stress and other negative states of mind. Include these and other mood-lifting nutrients in your diet. And pay attention to how you eat. For example, stay on a regular eating schedule to avoid getting overly hungry and sit down to eat. Besides making the experience more pleasurable, mindful eating improves digestion and facilitates weight loss.

Fill Your Free Time with Mind-Engaging Activities

Boredom is a surefire trigger for falling off the weight loss wagon. Avoid the doldrums by filling your free time with activities that keep your mind occupied and engaged. Learn a useful life skill, read intriguing books, work on a family history project, or do volunteer work. A busy mind will keep you from growing bored and turning to bad eating habits to boost your mood. Even better, you’ll use your time productively, which can inspire you to tackle other tasks, like weight loss.

Address Your Health Woes

Physical and mental health problems, if not addressed, won’t just grow worse; you can develop increased anxiety or depression over your health, making it hard to get motivated to lose weight. Seek help from a doctor or other healthcare professional for your health worries. Friends and family can also offer support by listening to your concerns and providing encouragement. Opening up about your health will improve your outlook and efforts to live a healthier life.

Socialize with Optimists

Socializing and optimism are two well-known mood lifters which when combined increase the odds of successful weight loss. Consider your social circles and single out people who have an optimistic attitude. Then make a weekly date with them to mingle and feed off their positive energy. Optimists have a natural knack for making those around them feel upbeat, hopeful, and motivated, which is the kind of mood you need to help you reach and maintain your weight loss goals.

Manage Your Debt

Unmanageable debt is a serious situation that causes stress, uncertainty, and fear, which can hinder any motivation you have to lose weight. Many people in debt drown their troubles in excessive eating or choose cheap, unhealthy foods to save money. Instead of letting your debt ruin your weight loss endeavors, learn to manage the finances. Find an advisor who can help you organize the budget. You’ll gain peace of mind, along with a better shot at losing weight.

Mood and weight loss have plenty to do with each other. Make a point to improve your state of mind and see how it can make losing weight quicker, easier, and long-lasting.

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