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Qsymia or Qnexa: A New Drug for Obesity and Weight Loss


The new drug, Qsymia, (Vivus) has just been approved by the FDA for Weight Loss and Obesity Treatment.  Qsymia is a combination of phentermine and extended release topiramate.  The name that has been proposed for the last few years for this drug, Qnexa, has just been changed to Qsymia.

Dr. Craig Primack MD and Robert Ziltzer MD will prescribe Qsymia having read the published studies.  We will begin to prescribe it for appropriate patients as soon as it is released.  It will be a good tool for weight loss in addition to a plan that includes dietary change, exercise and behavior modification.  Unfortunately, Qsymia is not yet available.   We are hoping that it is out before the end of the year.  Until Qsymia is available, Scottsdale Weight Loss Center does have experience with other currently available weight loss medications to prescribe to patients for weight loss.

For more information on Qsymia see Dr. Primack’s Dr. Oz appearance

For more details read our blog on Qsymia/Qnexa

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