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Mental Tricks to Get Motivated for Exercise


Everyone knows someone, perhaps it’s a neighbor, an acquaintance, or even a close friend, who finds time to exercise every day. Every morning as you are rushing out the door to get to work, coffee in hand, you’ll see them wrapping up their morning run. Or when you get home from the office, tired and ready to lounge your evening away, there they are getting dressed for their next shift, this time at the gym.

They participate in running and fitness clubs. They run races on their weekends, just for fun. They have friends at the gym and spend a great deal of energy thinking of new ways that they can be more active and challenge themselves physically. So what separates these fitness-minded people from the rest of us? It really all comes down to the perception that we hold about exercise.

Thinking Right about Being Fit

The best way to become more excited about exercise is to change the way that you think about exercise. People who really invest in exercise as a favorite pastime don’t dread their workouts, and they certainly don’t make their time at the gym a chore. Instead, they find activities that they want to do, and people they want to do them with, and then they go from there. If you want to make physical activity a more fundamental component of your lifestyle, then you need to start rethinking your approach to getting fit.

Here are a few strategies that might help you get more excited about working out:

  • Plan your activities out ahead of time, and when you plan them use positive phrasing. Say when you will work out, not if. Being more of a doer is one characteristic that many fitness minded people have in common.
  • Change how you look at yourself as you engage in physical activity. Don’t just go jogging. Start thinking of yourself as a jogger. This can help you connect with other people who are interested in similar activities.
  • Get the right gear. This makes a surprisingly big difference when it comes to your motivation level. Having the right clothing and materials can make your entire experience more enjoyable.

The biggest difference between someone who lives to exercise and someone who can’t seem to find 30 minutes to fit it into their schedule is the mentality towards the activity. Before you write off exercise as something that you can’t get excited about, try changing your relationship with physical activity. Exercise doesn’t have to be a chore. Use competition alongside your weight loss motivation to make the most out of every moment you can get active.

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