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The weight loss industry is one of the most thriving industries in the United States. With an estimated 100 million people in the United States participating in one form of diet program or another, there is an average of 20 Billion US dollars spent annually on weight loss programs, diets, medications and other solutions that promise fast weight loss.

The problem is that the majority of these programs don’t offer successful weight loss, which is becoming more and more evident by the number of fraud charges that are being placed on some of the biggest names in the weight loss industry. A recent study by researchers at Johns Hopkins University found that it is actually quite difficult for people with medically significant weight problems to find reliable programs that will help them achieve sustainable weight loss, and much of the reason for this is the huge online industry of diet pills and fad diets that cloud the judgement of so many weight loss hopefuls.

The researchers from Johns Hopkins University set out to create a set of guidelines that would help people who want to lose weight determine more easily if the weight loss program they are considering is one that will be beneficial for both their health and weight loss goals. To start, the researchers wanted to help people find an easier way to find out if a weight loss program aligns with the widely accepted medical guidelines that are enforced by the American Heart Association (ASA), the American College of Cardiology (ACC) and The Obesity Society (TOS). To achieve this, however, would require a heightened level of regulatory oversight—something that the weight loss industry in general is almost entirely free of at the moment.

So then what is the average person to do when they are hoping to lose weight? The answer is to separate the facts from the fiction when it is time to research potential weight loss programs. Too often, people seek out the quick and easy fix. The greatest rule of thumb is to remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.

The best way to lose weight is through the support of a medical weight loss doctor. Working with a medical weight loss program ensures that you are finding the nutritional support, lifestyle guidance and fitness training that you need to make long-term changes to your lifestyle. Ultimately, making long term changes towards a healthier way of living is the only way to achieve the weight loss goal you are looking for.

So before you attempt another fad diet or quick weight loss cure, make an appointment with a medical weight loss diet. Having education and bariatric resources on your side will make all the difference in achieving the healthy changes you’ve been looking for.

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